University of Helsinki and other students may earn 3-6 ECTS credits from 523148 Biodiversity in Dead Wood course as follows:

  • attending ca. 15 h of lectures and workshops + a mind map essay = 1 credit*
  • book exam, choose one of two books, advance preparation required = 2-3 credits. This is a normal, not an open book exam, meaning that you cannot use the book during the exam*
  • presenting a poster or talk in the meeting = 2 credits

* compulsory part

Study material and literature
It is required to choose one of the books listed below and prepare in advance for the exam that will take place on the last day of the course:

  • Stokland JN, Siitonen J, & Jonsson BG 2012. Biodiversity in Dead Wood. Cambridge Univ. Press, 524 pp. ISBN 9780521717038 (3 credits).
  • Bobiec A, Gutowski JM, Zub K, Pawlaczyk P, Laudenslayer WF 2005. The Afterlife of a Tree. WWF Poland, 252 pp. ISBN 83-920712-1-2 (2 credits)

Target group
Second to fifth year undergraduate students, early stage PhD students.

Basic knowledge of ecology.

To familiarize the student with various aspects of the habitat, organism groups and ecological processes in dead wood. Guest experts on dead wood will provide a deeper coverage of their research and will give examples of case studies by giving presentations and by leading the afternoon workshop sessions.

Active participation in the lectures and workshops, mind map essay, book exam.


Connections to other courses
It is recommended that students have taken the basic courses in entomology, mycology, and ecology as well as the courses “Biology and taxonomy of polypores” and “Population Biology in Fragmented Landscapes”. Biodiversity of dead wood is a part of the Boreal Biota and Ecology programme.

Every participating student will receive attendance certificate with credits by e-mail by 1 September 2016. Students from the University of Helsinki will also have their credits added to WebOodi.