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Last meeting for spring term 2016

Development geographers in a park

Development geographers in a park

On the spring term’s last meeting  of development geographers we had picnik in a park and we played a game designed by Nina. We had fun time rolling a bottle and asking questions related to research and studies. This was a great way to start summer!

I wish everyone nice summer wherever you are!

A Meeting for Students: Migration, 24th Feb

Last week we met with a few students to plan activities for development geographers. We decided to arrange a series of meetings during the spring term, where we will watch short documentary/film and discuss about specific subject. The first subject is ‘migration’ and we hope that all who are doing their Bachelors’ or Masters’ theses related to migration could come to share something about their work! Everyone else is also welcome to discuss! The meeting will be arranged in Kumpula campus in Suppa at 24.2 between 17.30-19.00. After that we can still continue to some other place to talk!

Also we will plan forthcoming meetings, so come and tell which subject you would be interested to take part!

See you!