Digipeda ABC workshop at INAR

Last Thursday the digileapers at INAR participated in a digipeda ABC workshop, organized in collaboration with Educational Technology Services, ATM-MP Digital Leap and Climate University

We were discussing teaching methods of digital education, as compared to contact teaching, and the tools available. For instance, we pointed out that the aim of these online courses is not only to share the course notes with the students, but to offer a functional platform that allows students to complete the courses independently whenever and wherever they please. Of course, not all questions were explicitly answered. We’re still figuring out certain practicalities, like how to grade and credit courses that are solely completed online.

The workshop gave us more resources to build our courses on a more concretely visualized plan and new confidence to utilize all the tools at our disposal. It’s hard to realise the different means required when digitizing education, until it’s comprehensively outlined, like we did in the workshop. With newly structured course plans and updated ideas on what our material could and should look like, we are now ready to move on with the next chapter in our work.

Big thanks for the workshop and thus for all the help!

Sofia, Robin & Mikael

Photos: Laura Riuttanen


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