Meet Ashish Shete, a new Technical Assistant in the GREENTRAVEL project

We are happy to introduce Ashish Shete! 🙂 Ashish joined the Digital Geography Lab in December 2023 to work as a Technical Assistant in the GREENTRAVEL project. Check out our mini-interview with Ashish to learn more about him and his research.

Ashish in a snowy forest

Who are you, and what is your role at the University?

I am Ashish Shete, and I have recently relocated to Finland from Pune, India. Since mid-December 2023, I work as a Technical Assistant at the Digital Geography Lab, University of Helsinki. My current role involves contributing to the GREENTRAVEL project, which focuses on studying urban travel environments’ greenery from diverse perspectives. Specifically, my task is to design and develop the VR setup for this project. This setup will help creating controlled environment to analyse effects of green travel environments on people and the relevance of various greenery features, also considering the seasonal variations.

In what kind of positions have you worked prior to joining University?

I have over a decade of experience in Visualization and CAD software development. My expertise spans software development in domains such as shipping, oil-field exploration, and BIM. I have crafted immersive experiences like 3D visualizations, walk-throughs and animation while working in collaborative settings within both multinational corporations and startup environments. I hold a master’s degree in automotive engineering.

What aspect of your work inspires you the most?

The simulation of real environments is what truly captivates me. Witnessing the increasing realism in simulations is exhilarating. VR, situated at the intersection of art and science, enables bridging the gap between imagination and reality, creating experiences that engage the senses. This dynamic field holds promising applications across various domains. Also, the collaborative aspect of working with individuals possessing diverse backgrounds, expertise, and interests is particularly enriching.

Could you share a bit more about yourself?

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a liking for exploring unfamiliar places and documenting my experiences through blogging on platforms like I also have a special interest in topics like personal finance and world cultures. The current stay in Helsinki is my first experience in the Nordics. I am enthralled by the fascinating weather and intend to make the most of my time here, immersing myself in the unique wonders of nature distinct from my home country.

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This interview was initially published in Geo-stories, the biweekly newsletter of the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki.

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