Mobility research in areas with seasonal population changes

In the end of 2019, SYKE, the Finnish Environmental Institute, arranged a miniseminar on mobility research in urban, rural and touristic settings. The seminar addressed mobility research interrelations with spatial planning and governance, stakeholder engagement in spatial and transportation planning, sustainable mobility challenges in remote and touristic settings, and various methods for acquiring, processing and analysing mobility data.

The seminar was held in Helsinki and was part of the InterReg Baltic Sea-funded project MARA. The overall aim of the project is to address mobility and accessibility challenges in rural areas. Project activities and the perspectives and challenges of various mobility data were presented in the seminar by Kari Oinonen (SYKE), Age Poom (Digital Geography Lab, University of Helsinki & Mobility Lab, University of Tartu), Daniel Brandt and Tobias Heldt (both from CeTLeR, Dalarna University). SYKE researchers introduced their studies on GIS use in urban and rural planning (Ville Helminen), rural mobility, accessibility and travel related to second homes (Antti Rehunen), public participatory GIS (Elina Nyberg) and the architecture of spatial data infrastructure in SYKE (Kaisu Harju).

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