Research workshop on Digital Politics and Post-Network Society

Digital Politics and Post-Network Society  on 11 May 2018

Research workshop and master-class at the Faculty of Political Science, St. Petersburg State University

Daria Gritsenko (Helsinki University) – Russia Datafied: Understanding Intermediaries in «Digital Era Governance»

Elena Tropinova (Saint Petersburg State University) – Platform-based Governance: Assessing Readiness of Russian Socio-Economic and Political System

Leonid Tomin (Saint Petersburg State University) – Governance in the Age of Platform Capitalism. Between Social Cooperation and Hyper-Exploitation.

Aleksandr Sherstobitov (Saint Petersburg State University) – Post-Networks: Conceptualization and Methodological Approaches to Grasp Hyperdynamics

Andrey Indukaev (Helsinki University) – Digital Transition vs Market Transition: Some Common Limitations in the Analytical Frameworks

Olga Parkhimovich (Informational Culture, NGO) – Introduction to Analytical Work with Open Financial Data by Using OpenRefine


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