Hack­a­thon presentation on Finnish-Russian media research at #DHH18

The members of the DRS researcher group Dr. Daria Gritsenko and postdoctoral researcher Andrey Indukaev have been supervisors at the Hel­sinki Di­gital Hu­man­it­ies Hack­a­thon #DHH18 which is organized on 23 May – 1 June 2018 . The group leaded by them has been focusing on the way how Finnish YLE represents Russia and Russian regional and federal media (e.g. Kommersant, Izvestia, Delovoy Peterburg) represents Finland. In addition, the group have also taken a look into the YLE news in Russian.

Rus­sia ⇔ Fin­land

Group supervisors: Daria Gritsenko, Andrey Indukaev

This group focuses on representations of Russia in Finnish newspapers – and of Finland in Russian newspapers. The objective is to recognize, in large fulltext corpora of contemporary media, how do the two countries portray each other, which events, persons, places, developments, etc. are at the centre of the discussion. The group will be working in cooperation with researchers from Aleksanteri Institute. Relevant issues include:

  • Approaches to detect continuity and change in language representations of political images over a relatively short (ca. 10-20 years) period of time;
  • Application of linguistic methods (for example, semantic closeness, supervised and unsupervised text mining and sentiment analysis);
  • Visual analysis and methods for multi-modal analysis;
  • Event, place and personality tracing on the basis of substantive knowledge of Finnish-Russian relations;
  • Work with Cyrillic encoding for those interested in extra challenge!

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