Physics Days 2022 soon here

Screenshot of Physics Days 2022 websitePhysics Days 2022, a seminar organized by the Finnish Physical Society, will be held as a virtual meeting on 2.-4.3.2022.

FinDiP is organizing a session on diversity and non-discrimination themes. Our session is one of the parallel sessions A, and is held on Wednesday 2nd March at 14.30.

During our session, we’ll have Jukka Tanskanen from the Academy of Finland to present the Academy of Finland’s action plan for promoting equality and non-discrimination. Following that, there will be short diversity-themed presentations from physics departments at Finnish universities. After those, we’ll have an open discussion on diversity in physics in Finland.

In addition, there will a plenary talk given by professor Michael Ramsey-Musolf from T.D. Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and University of Massachusetts Amherst on the same day, Wednesday 2nd March at 16.30. The title of the talk is Shattering the Lavender Ceiling: A Gay Theoretical Physicist’s Perspective. An abstract for the presentation can be found from here.

Participation is free of charge. However, remember to register by the 25th Feb at:

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