First Pitch and Meeting Our Mentor

Hi all,

It is the group 4 a kind (or Four of a kind, as you wish!) here again! Easter break is behind us and the end of the course is looming ahead – as also is the final pitch. It is exciting, yet a bit intimidating that there is only a short week left to finalize our project and to be ready to present the solutions for the problems provided to us a couple of months ago.

The 4th period has been quite extraordinary as we only met face to face a few times with our group before the mandatory isolation due to the Corona outbreak. Luckily, we and the internet connection are strong and have been able to rise above this new challenge! Although faced with this entirely new situation where we cannot meet anymore face to face in person, we are able to meet with our group online via video chats and keeping frequent contact through WhatsApp, etc. It is different and a bit challenging to adapt so quickly to work entirely from home online, but for example, with making one’s own special working station the task wasn’t so hard to overcome.

An example of one of our home offices!

During Lecture #9 on the 8th of April, our primary task was to present our first pitch and the draft of our solution to our designated mentor. This was to help us prepare for the final presentation as well as to start making our solutions more concrete as we presented them out loud to someone else than our own group members. Our group’s mentor was Irmeli Mikkonen, Senior Expert from Motiva. Including this, we were assigned to start prototyping of our solutions, or the simple preliminary version of our final solution product to a chosen “test group”. This was meant to further help us with shaping our solutions and getting some real-life feedback about how different people saw and felt about our solutions.

The mentoring session was interesting and provided us some new insights and views for our solutions. We were able to discuss the topic from a broader perspective and gain reassurance for our previous ideas. Including this, the mentoring session reinforced our thoughts that if we continue to delve on the topic and different ways to solve the problem for on and on, we will always find new viewpoints and thoughts on this topic and keep going in circles. Especially in this case we are not able to please all the customer groups as there are such strong opinions and values around the concept of eating meat. Now we have a clearer vision of our solutions, and we only need to concretize them and produce the two examples of the new version of the Meat Guide during this last week.

Good luck to all of you and keep strong as well as motivated, as the end of the course and our projects is getting closer!

– 4 of a kind

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