Academic positions and education

2019 Associate Professor (Docent) in Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

2010 PhD in Archaeology, University College London (UCL), Institute of Archaeology

2005 Master of Arts, Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

2004 Bachelor of Arts, Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

2024–2025 University researcher, the Academy of Finland CoE Ancient Near Eastern Empires, University of Helsinki

2021 Reseacher, Survivors of Ragnarök -project, University of Helsinki

2018–2020 University researcher, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS), University of Helsinki

2016–2017 Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Helsinki

2012–2015 Academy of Finland Post-doctoral Fellow, Archaeology, University of Helsinki

2010–2012 Honorary Research Associate, Institute of Archaeology, University College London (Emil Aaltonen Foundation and Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation Fellowships)

2005–2010 Doctoral candidate, Institute of Archaeology, University College London (Osk. Huttunen Foundation and Niilo Helander Foundation Fellowships)

Supervision and teaching
I have taught archaeology, archaeological science and archaeological field-work at the University of Helsinki since 2012. I coordinate the Archaeological Laboratory and currently supervise six doctoral candidates. I coordinate the master’s level Archaeological Science study module with Prof. Volker Heyd.

Editorial tasks

Edited books:
Kunnas-Pusa, L., Marila, M., Heyd, V., Holmqvist, E., Ilves, K., Lahelma, A. & M. Lavento (eds.) 2023. Celebrating 100 Years of Archaeology at the University of Helsinki: Past, Present, and Future. Iskos 26. The Finnish Antiquarian Society.

Lahelma, A., Lavento, M., Mannermaa, K., Holmqvist, E. Nordqvist, K. & M. Ahola (eds.) 2023. Moving northward. Professor Volker Heyd’s Festschrift as he turns 60. Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland.

Walker Vadillo, V., Mataix Ferrándiz, E. & E. Holmqvist (eds.) 2022. Down by the Water: interdisciplinary studies in human-environment interactions in watery spaces, British Archaeological Reports.

Editorial board member, Iskos Series

2018–2019 Co-editor-in-chief for the peer-reviewed archaeology journal Fennoscandia Archaeologica

2014–2017 Co-editor for Fennoscandia Archaeologica

Memberships of scientific societies
2020– Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London

2015–2017 Board member, Archaeological Society of Finland