My recent research project at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS) titled No (Viking) Man’s Land? Materialising East-West Mobility on the Finnish Baltic Coast ca. 800–1000 CE focused on Viking Age material culture, namely ceramic and metal artefacts, recovered at Viking Age sites in southern Finland.

I collaborate with numerous research projects including the Academy of Finland funded projects The Europeanization of Finland and Karelian Isthmus focusing on early Medieval strongholds, and Survivors of Ragnarök examining late Iron Age cultural and landscape development in the Åland IslandsI participated in the Levänluhta-project , which investigated the infamous water burial site in Isokyrö, Finland. I am a member of the archaeological survey team of the Centre of Excellence 2018–2025 on the Ancient Near Eastern Empires  carrying out field-work in northern Jordan.

My Academy of Finland funded postdoctoral research Untangling Corded Ware: Provenancing Battle Axe Culture Pottery of Southern Finland in 2012–2015 dealt with the Neolithic Corded Ware Culture (CWC) complex, which spread across the Baltic Sea region ca. 2900/2800–2300/2000 BCE. This project was an interdisciplinary and international collaboration in which archaeological materials from 24 archaeological sites in Finland, Estonia and  Sweden were geochemically analysed to identify regional CWC pottery-manufacturing traditions and cross-regional ceramic exchange.

My PhD research Ceramics in Transition: Production and Exchange of Late Byzantine-Early Islamic Pottery in Southern Transjordan and the Negev is published by Archaeopress, and is electronically available in open-access.

My past employment also include the Finnish Jabal Haroun Project (FJHP) archaeological excavations in Petra, Jordan.