Published papers


  • Mannfors, E., Juvela, M., Bronfman, L., Eden, D. J., He, J., Kim, G., Kim, K.-T.,  Kirppu, H., Liu, T., Montillaud, J., Parsons, H., Sanhueza, P., Shang, H., Soam, A., Tatematsu, K., Traficante, A., Väisälä, M. S., & Lee, C. W. (2021), A&A, 654, A123.

Characterization of dense Planck clumps observed with Herschel and SCUBA-2

Other papers

  • Juvela, M., Neha, S., Mannfors, E., Saajasto, M., Ysard, N., & Pelkonen, V.-M. (2020), A&A, 643, A132.

Dust emission, extinction, and scattering in LDN 1642  

  • Liu, H.-L., Tej, A., Liu, T., Issac, N., Saha, A., Goldsmith, P. F., Wang, J.-Z., Zhang, Q., Qin, S.-L., Wang, K., Li, S., Soam, A., Dewangan, L., Lee, C. W., Li, P.-S., Liu, X.-C., Zhang, Y., Ren, Z., Juvela, M., Bronfman, L., Wu, Y.-F., Tatematsu, K., Chen, X., Li, D., Stutz, A., Zhang, S., Viktor Toth, L., Luo, Q.-Y., Xu, F.-W., Li, J., Liu, R., Zhou, J., Zhang, C., Tang, M., Zhang, C., Baug, T., Mannfors, E., Chakali, E., & Dutta, S. (2022), MNRAS, 510, 5009.

ATOMS: ALMA Three-millimeter Observations of Massive Star-forming regions – V. Hierarchical fragmentation and gas dynamics in IRDC G034.43+00.24

Master’s Thesis

Accepted 2019

Star formation in selected Planck fields

Papers in progress

  • Mannfors et al. ArTeMis filaments
  • Juvela, M., et al. ngVLA