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Examples of completed doctoral dissertations – Valmistuneita väitöskirjoja:

Ahola, S. (2016). Values and stances towards expert knowledge. Download here.

Cañada, J. (2018). Threat and protection: Boundary-making, categorization and identification in pandemic preparedness and response. Download here.

Hakoköngäs, E. (2017). Visual Collective Memory: A Social Representations Approach. Download here.

Huotilainen, A. (2005). Dimensions of novelty: social representations of new foods. Download here.

Kilpiö, A. (2008). Opettajien teknologiasuhteen luonne ja muodostuminen. Download here. (in Finnish)

Lähteenoja, S. (2010).Uusien opiskelijoiden integroituminen yliopistoon : Sosiaalipsykologinen näkökulma. Download here. (in Finnish)

Menard, R. (2017). Critical discourse studies on social values, ideology and Finnish equality. Download here.

Petterson, K. (2017). Save the nation! A social psychological study of political blogs as a medium for nationalist communication and persuasion. Download here.

Sakki, I. (2010). A Success Story or a Failure? : Representing the European Integration in the Curricula and Textbooks of Five Countries. Download here

Wahlström, M. (2012). The Digitalisation of Social Representations: The Influence of the Evolution of Communication Technology on the Development of Shared Ideas. Download here

Venäläinen, S. (2017). Women as perpetrators of violence: Meanings of gender and violence in the tabloid press and in the narratives of women imprisoned for violent crimes.  Download here.

Current dissertation projects – Meneillään olevia väitöskirjaprojekteja :

Jennifer De Paola – Social Representations of Happiness: Images, Social media discourse and laytheories.

Jenni Savonen – Social Representations of Polydrug use – Media Representations, Attitudes and User Identity

Paul Cottier – Ideological aspects of childhood and health: A relational account of agency and dependency connected to children with Type 1 diabetes in Finland.

Post doctoral projects – Pos-doc projekti:

Satu Venäläinen – Social Inequalities and Discourses of Violence. Current Controversies in Finnish Online Forums and Discussions among Welfare State Professionals

Jose Cañada –  AMRIWA project :  issues related to AMR global policy-making and national implementation in West Africa.

Eemeli Hakoköngäs – LUODE – Luonto ja taide nuorten työelämätaitojen oppimisympäristönä. Read more about this project here.

Other projects –  Muita projekteja:

Inari Sakki – Finnish Academy Research Fellow: Narrated Nation: History Representations in Media, Politics and Education (2016-2022)

This project examines social representations of history from different angles: the media, political rhetoric and textbooks of different European nations. The studies move from self (the nation or in-group), to other (the refugee or the out-group), to the superordinate group (the European Union). Through a systematic and in-depth analysis of media, political discourse and textbooks, the project examines the history representations that are mobilised in processes of national and European identity building, and in processes of encounters with others (the refugee crisis). On the one hand, the project enriches our understanding and theorization of the contents, structures and functions of social representations of history, and on the other hand, it brings knowledge on the pragmatic impacts of these representations, and how they intervene in processes of social identity building, maintenance, and mobilization. This will contribute to the social psychology of intergroup processes which tends to focus mainly on ”here and now” phenomena and neglect the historical frameworks in which social psychological processes take place. This project is deeply grounded in major perspectives of European social psychology, including theories of social representations, social identities and discursive psychology. At the same time, just as are all my previous projects, this is an interdisciplinary project; it combines traditions of research from different disciplines, particularly from social psychology, history, sociology and politics.