Creating an exam and basic information

Login to Examinarium on a browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox). If Examinarium cannot define the right user role for you, please contact the support: opetusteknologia @

Creating an exam

On Dashboard, choose “Create new exam”.

  • Choose the exam type
    • General exam (open for all student who have registered for the course in Oodi)
    • Personal exam (in the exam settings you can add the students who can take the exam)
  • Next, add the corresponding Oodi course.
    • Write the course code or name until you find the right course
  • Give your exam a descriptive name
    • You do not need to repeat the course code in the exam name. When making the reservation, students will see both the exam code and the name.
    • If the exam questions are in more than one language, remember to have those languages in the exam name too.
  • The exam language defines the languages available for the student when taking the exam.
    • This does not change the language of the interface which depends on the user’s own settings
    • You can choose several languages
    • In evaluation, the examiner chooses the language the student used to take the exam
  • Save

Fill in the basic information

  • The name of the course, the grading scale, and the credits are automatically transferred from Oodi. (the number of credits the examinee receives from the exam can be changed in evaluation)
  • The type of the examination
    • Exams marked as the whole course grade are automatically sent to Oodi for registration after the evaluation has been locked. If you do not want the grade to be automatically registered or the course grade consists of more than the exam in question, choose Partial course grade as the type of the examination.
  • Adding examiners and evaluators
    • Exams can have several examiners or evaluators (an evaluator cannot save the final evaluation or edit the exam).
    • If you add another examiner or evaluator to the exam, they must have already once logged in to the system.
  • Special requirements for the exam computers and attachments
    • In Software, you can restrict the exam to only certain computers. At the moment, Examinarium has following options:
    • ”Drawing table”: in Kumpula six computers are equipped with drawing tables for drawings and calculations.
    • ”Paper exam” is not in use anymore.
    • “Finlex”, which restricts the exam rooms to K133 in Learning Center Aleksandria, where the computers allow access to
    • “No Finlex”, which restricts the exam rooms to any room but the K133 in Aleksandria (no access to
    • ”Matlab, Geogebra, Marvin Suite, Origin, R, R Studio”, special programs installed in some computers in Kumpula.
    • ”No Matlab, Geogebra etc.” computers in Kumpula with none of the special programmes.
    • You can attach a file to the exam available to all examinees
      • Use PDF files or pictures that can be opened with the exam computers.