Changes to the exam rooms in City Centre

This spring, the exam rooms will move from Alexandria to Kaisa building due to renovation work starting in Alexandria.

The exam room on the 4th floor of Aleksandria will be closed from 22 April. Exam visitors are temporarily directed to room K133 in Aleksandria, where part of the computers is still used exclusively by HY students.

A new exam room will be opened on the third floor of Kaisa building in early May.

Aleksandria’s K133 room will be closed at the end of May and a new room will be opened on the fifth floor of Kaisa building.

Exam rooms will be available in Alexandria or Kaisa throughout the change. HY students can also use exam rooms on other campuses.

New version 6.2

The new version of Examinarium 6.2 will be in use on Wednesday 23 August.

Examiners will now have the possibility to publish their questions and answers to students automatically when assessing the exam.

  • The decision to publish must be made before the first exam answer is locked, so that all students taking the exam are treated equally. It is not possible to deactivate the publication after this point.
  • In multiple choice questions, students can see their question text and the answer options they have chosen.
  • The setting can be found under the new tab “Assessment settings”, where the choice between Whole course grade /Partial course grade has also been moved.

Another new feature is the possibility to transfer essay and multiple-choice questions from Moodle to Examinarium, either individually or one category at a time. After the transfer, it is advisable to check the questions.


The ground floor of Biocentre 1 is being renovated during the Autumn semester. The renovation will also cause noise to the exam rooms on the 4th floor, which will be out of use for this reason.

The nearest alternative exam rooms are in Viikki Info Centre and in Kumpula (Chemicum and Physicum). Examinarium exams for individual arrangements are organized in Kaisa House in City Centre Campus.

We are following the status of the renovation and will open the exam rooms as soon as possible.

Checklist for teachers

Now is a good time to check that your exams are in order for the new academic year:

See which Examinarium exams are open in Sisu for the autumn, and check that the corresponding exams are available in Examinarium. In order to check the Sisu implementation used by the Examinarium exam, open the exam settings and look at the information in the “Course name” field. In particular, check the dates after the name.

For the new academic year, new implementations in Sisu for Examinarium exams are usually created. If an old Examinarium exam is used as a basis for the new one, take a copy of the old exam and link it with the new implementation. At the same time, the questions and instructions of the exam can be updated.

  • Select the new Sisu implementation by entering the full course code in the search field.
  • If you cannot find the right implementation, please contact the person who creates the implementations for your study programme (Examinarium shows the implementations that have started and those that will start within three months).
  • It is good practice to match the exam period to with the duration of the implementation. This makes it easier to see when an implementation has ended.
  • See detailed instructions for copying


  • If you use personal Examinarium exams, remind your students to register in Sisu for the implementation used for the exam. Otherwise, the grades cannot be recorded to Sisu either automatically from Examinarium, or manually by teacher.
  • Assessments are picked from Examinarium to Sisu once, the night after the assessment is locked. Only assessments that have been locked as a “whole course grade” are recorded to Sisu.
  • If the student’s registration in Sisu is missing or the assessment does not go through for any other reason, you will receive the message “Assessment transfer from Exam to Sisu failed” the following morning.

If your exam has optional sections, be sure to instruct this in the exam basic information under ” Instructions visible for the student during the exam booking”.

If your exam has any special requirements in terms of software or hardware equipment, this should be indicated in the instructions displayed during the exam booking process. This will affect not only the choice of exam venue, but also the possibility of taking the exam as a study visit at another university.

Book exams and matriculation exams in Examinarium

Book exams in Examinarium

Book exams and other exams that does not involve teaching and are possibly to take around the year, are ideal for an Examinarium exam. The teachers prepare and publish the exams with alternative questions before the start of the academic year, and then they can concentrate on assessing the students’ answers, for example once a month. Students register for the exam in Sisu and gain access to the Examinarium exam. The grading information is possible to transfer to Sisu automatically.

In the picture, different colors represent different students:

The process of book exam (explained above)

Matriculation examinations in Examinarium

Matriculation exams are usually so called personal Examinarium exams. That is because the questions are different for each student and assessors are different. Students are instructed to register in Sisu and to contact the teacher in order to get a personal exam. Automatic email tells for the student that the exam is ready and for the teacher that the exam answer is waiting to be assessed. The grade can be automatically transferred to Sisu if the student has registered for the exam in Sisu.

Process for a single, personal Examinarium exam:

Process of a personal Examinarium exam (described above)

Instrucions for power outage

Procedure during a power outage in the Examinarium exam. Go through these instructions before your exam!  

If a power outage interrupts your exam, stay calm. There is no danger. 


Do not leave the exam room if you wish to continue answering the exam in case the outage is over within 5 minutes.  

The computer turns off when the power supply is interrupted. Examinarium has automatically saved your answers. The files that were not attached to exam answers before the outage are not saved.  If the electricity is restored, you can turn on the computer and continue answering. The exam ends at the original time. A power outage does not lengthen the exam time.  


If the power outage lasts more than 5 minutes, you have to leave the exam room. Move carefully and take all your belongings with you. Even if electricity is restored, don’t use elevators.  

Even if the electricity is restored after leaving the room, you cannot go back and continue your exam. When the exam time ends the automatically saved exam answers are submitted for evaluation automatically. Please contact the examiner for a possible retake. 

If the janitors give other instructions or orders, they must be followed! 


Sisu and Examinarium


Examinarium both imports information from Oodi (course and registration information) and exports information to Oodi (“locked study attainments”). For this reason, the transfer from Oodi to Sisu from 17 to 31 May 2021 will also affect Examinarium examinations.

We will update this page as more detailed information becomes available on how the changeover will be implemented with regard to Examinarium.

Timetable as a picture


  • Examinarium will have a three-day service break between 25 and 27 May 2021. 
  • Maintenance will set the exam periods of the current exams to end before this break.
  • From 28 May onwards, Oodi-coded exams will no longer be used and examiners will have to:
    • a) Copy their exams
    • b) Link them with the correct Sisu teaching
    • c) Set the new examination period end date and publish the exam
    • After this, students will be able to reserve exam times again.
    • See the instructions for phases a-c
  • The copying of exams prevents errors in examinations and registration. Since the exams are linked with Oodi at the level of courses and with Sisu at the level of teaching, automatic transferral is not possible.
  • If the examination period does not continue directly after the break, the copying must be done, at the latest, when the exam is opened.
  • The examination period will be set to end at the end of the term (or simultaneously with the teaching in Sisu) at the latest.
    • For the next term, the exam is copied and pasted to the teaching for the term in question in Sisu.


  • At the moment, assessments locked as “whole course grades” are automatically transferred to Oodi for registration. The last possible time to lock these exams is 12 May 2021 at 23.59.
  • Oodi-coded assessments locked on or after 13 May:
    • Must be registered in Sisu by the teachers after 31 May.
    • Or submitted as a list for registration by email no later than 30 May.
  • The automatic transfer of completed studies from Examinarium to Sisu will be possible on 31 May.
    • Exams that have been linked with teaching in Sisu.
    • Only exams locked as “whole course grades”.


  • If a student wants to take an exam before the Examinarium service break on 25 May, they have to register in Oodi no later than on 16 May.
    • On 17 May there will be a service break in exam time reservation.
  • Registration for studies will continue in Sisu on 31 May. Registrations done by students in Oodi by 16 May will be transferred to Sisu.
  • From 28 May onwards, an Exams tab page in Examinarium display to students the examinations requiring registration for the corresponding teaching in Sisu and for which the examiners have opened an exam.


  • Examinarium will have an exam break 25 to 30 May.
  • Until that time it is possible to take exams linked with courses in Oodi.
  • Starting from 31 May, it will be possible to take exams linked with teaching in Sisu as they are opened by examiners.
  • Exam times from 31.5. forward will open 28.5.

Version update 18th May

Examinarium has been updated. In this version:

  • New question type ”Statement question”. Minus points can reduce the total points of the exam.
  • “No-shows” does not require releasing any more.
  • Possibility to export questions to Moodle XML format (only essays and multiple choice questions)
  • “Summary of the exam page” for the teachers