The transfer from Oodi to Sisu from 17 to 31 May 2021 will also affect Examinarium examinations. See instructions for teachers and students.

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The University continues to recommend the use of protective face masks at your own discretion and in situations where several people are present in facilities and social distancing is impossible. Consider wearing a mask for your personal health and safety, especially if you are in a high-risk group.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are available in the exam rooms in Helsinki. Wipe the keyboard and mouse before and after the exam. You can also use your own protection ware (face mask, gloves) during the exam. Remember to dispose the protection ware properly.

Attend an exam only when you are healthy and free of symptoms. If you have any symptoms of an illness, reschedule or cancel your exam. If necessary, contact your examiner



An electronic exam room is a place where students can take exams written at a computer at times suitable for them. The process requires that the examiner has created the exam and questions in the electronic exam system. The exam situations are automatically recorded for exam supervision. The exam room adds to the flexibility of studies, when students are able to take the exams whenever suitable.

The University of Helsinki electronic exam rooms are located at:

  • Centrum campus, Aleksandria 4th floor room 436 (16 ┬ácomputers) and basement room K133 (16 computers)
  • Viikki Biocenter 1 4th floor (8 computers)
  • Kumpula Chemicum room A122 (12 computers)
  • Meilahti Biomedicum 2B (16 computers)
  • Mikkeli University Consortium (1 computer)
  • Lahti Niemi Campus (1 computer)


  1. The teacher creates the exam in the system with a question pool, defines the exam period and activates the exam.
  2. The student registers for the exam or course in Oodi and then makes the place reservation in the exam room system.
  3. The student receives an automatic confirmation email about the reservation .
  4. On chosen time, the student goes to the exam room and takes the exam.
  5. The teacher assesses the exam and writes feedback.
  6. The student receives an automatic email about the feedback and preliminary grade.