This is a generic example blog site for events at the University of Helsinki. You can use this  structure as a template for your own event site on blogs.helsinki.fi

How to create a new event site?

  • Order a new blog site. Make sure you have logged in to the blog service at least once beforehand. The recommended URL format is blogs.helsinki.fi/the-full-name-of-your-eventThat’s long, sure, but it’s good for your SEO.
  • Name and describe your site at Settings. Make sure you have the date and place somewhere in the title or description. Set the blog language here as well.
  • Choose a theme from Appearance. (HelsinkiUni 2017 theme recommended) and give it a nice header background.
  • Delete the example content and add  the Pages you need to your site. You can use the pages on this site as an example of what kind of pages you’ll need.
  • Set up a new menu and add your pages there from Appearance > Menus. You may add sub pages under the main pages if you must, but to keep things simple try to keep the menu flat. At least don’t add a third level. Make this menu the primary menu.
  • Decide if you need a blog or a news section for your site. Note that if you want to have the blog post appear somewhere else than on the front page you need to create an empty placeholder page for it. Set this from Settings > Reading. Remember to add the blog page to your menu.
  • Tweak the sidebar and footer from Appearance > Widgets or Appearance > Customize > Widgets. Footer is a great place to add your contact info and social media links. (You do have at least a hashtage for Twitter and Instagram, right?) It’s a good idea to repeat the main menu here as well. Note that on HelsinkiUni 2017 theme the sidebar is visible only on blog posts, not on pages.
  • Remember to add other organisers as administrators or editors from Users > Add user.

That’s it. Need technical help on using WordPress? Just email edutech@helsinki.fi. For help on communication and content contact digitoimitus@helsinki.fi.


Ten years ago

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