Regular and Forthcoming Events



The seminar is held once a month on Friday at 2–4 pm in the Faculty Hall (Faculty of Theology, Vuorikatu 3, 5th floor). The seminar is organised together with Prof. Filipe Pereira da Silva’s academy research project Augustinian Natural Philosophy at Oxford and Paris ca. 1277 (University of Helsinki) and Dr. Juhana Toivanen’s academy research project Vicious, Antisocial and Sinful (University of Jyväskylä. The contact person is Ritva Palmén (

The program for the spring term 2022 is following:  

JUNE 10, at 2–5 pm:

Mia Korpiola, Professor of Law (Turku) and Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde, Professor of Law (Oslo): The Influence of the Doctrine of Necessitas not habet legem on Nordic Medieval Laws on Theft

Alejandra Mancilla, Professor of Philosophy (Oslo): Domingo de Soto on Open Borders

MAY 29, at 2–4:

Miira Tuominen (University of Stockholm): Socrates and Alcibiades in Love: Self-Knowledge, Individual and an Ideal

APRIL 8, at 2–4 pm:

Lydia Schumacher (Reader, King’s College London):  Miracles and Divine Power in Early Franciscan Thought

MARCH 18, at 2–4:

Alexandra Chadwick (Postdoctoral researcher, Jyväskylä): Idea of Human Nature: “The Hobbesian Example”

FEBRUARY 18, at 2–4 pm:

Serena Masolini (Postdoctoral researcher, Helsinki): Questioning Matter in Mid-Thirteenth Century England