Is There Life After the Party? Follow How We Are Making the Progress.

Despite the fact that the air-condition was doing its best, it was hot indeed! The heat was raised by the audience, which came to witness the launch of the Fenno-Ugrica collection and research tools for the linguists at the fully packed auditorium at the National Library of Finland on last Thursday – we had fun, we had joy, we had great discussions. Thanks for all of you, who were present in person or online through the ACP connection.

It was fun indeed, but the party’s over and work must go on. As we repeatedly said during last week, we are still missing a great bunch of material from the collection and the missing material is keeping us really busy. At the moment, almost all monographs have already been catalogued, but the majority of newspapers are still missing. And that’s not a wonder, because we do anticipate having around 5000 newspaper items (more than 20 000 pages) available in Fenno-Ugrica for you. Such a huge amount of files requires a great deal of work and despite the fact that we are working hastily with the material, we are simply drowned by the files at the moment – we do beg your pardon for the caused delay, but I can ensure that we are uploading them onto the Fenno-Ugrica on a steady pace.

Since the launch of the collection, we have leapfrogged with these missing files and there are plenty of new and quite interesting material available on the Fenno-Ugrica now. Here’s a brief list on recent updates in Mari and Mordvinic languages:

Naturally, we are going to inform you on the recent updates on this blog site, but the best way to follow the new entries is to subscribe e-mail notification directly from Fenno-Ugrica. Just login onto Fenno-Ugrica with your e-mail address and go to My Account / Profile. When logged in, you can select the collections you want to follow from the drop-down menu. Confirm the action and start receiving the feed. Or, alternatively, the RSS feed would do the same trick. Here are some examples on the basic feeds, you can use in the RSS reader: samples one, two and collection. Additional information by e-mail:

/ Jussi-Pekka

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