Fenno-Ugrica goes Manchester and iCHSTM 2013

Currently, the most of my Finnish colleagues are still enjoying the summer break on their summer cottages or on the beach, whereas I have been engaged with completely different activities. After I started to occupy my office again two weeks ago, I have made some preparations for the anticipated and hectic autumn, including the budgeting, scheduling, planning etc the follow-up project for 2014-2016. But most of all, I have tried to prepare my presentation for the 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine (iCHSTM), which is going to take place in Manchester between the 21st and 28th of July.

The Digitization Project of Kindred Languages will be presented in a symposium (S094), which is titled as History of science and the ecology of knowledge: the limitations, expectations, and needs of four knowledge communities. Scroll down the page for the symposium abstract.

Even though our presentation has quite an impossible title, Making the impact on research and society, a case study: open repository and crowdsourcing solutions developed for the Finno-Ugric Digitization Pilot Project at the National Library of Finland,  we won’t be discussing only the aspects, developments or achievements of technical infrastructure of our open repositories, but we would like to highlight the process, in which the user groups, the researchers and the laymen, were engaged as an active and communicative group of users and how the contribution of citizen science was made as research’s benefit.

It will be definitely interesting to hear the comments and feedback from the colleagues in abroad too and explore the ideas, which could be turned into a benefit in the follow-up project too.

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