First in, First Out – 73 New Monographs in Mari Languages Available at Fenno-Ugrica

The continuation of the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages goes onto next level today. We have now published the first set of monographs in our Fenno-Ugrica collection. The first set consists of 73 monographs in Hill and Meadow Mari languages from various fields of their vocabulary.

The vocabulary of Mari languages was intensively developed in the 1920s and the 1930s, when many booklets of educational nature were published. Later in the 1930s, the change in the language politics forced to abandon the results of previous decades and the turn into extent use of russianisms took place. The materials which originate from this era, are unreplaceable from their nature for the both, the researchers of Mari languages and the Mari people themselves.

However, the publications of this era have earlier been difficult to access, due to the fact that the larger collections of publications in Mari languages are rarities in Russian libraries. Digitization of this material and publishing them online in Fenno-Ugrica brings most of the material available for the wider audiences, especially for those who are keen to study the early literature of Mari languages.

The material is freely available at Fenno-Ugrica collection.

The next set of monographs is looming by the door. By the beginning of June, we will release 75 titles in Ob-Ugric languages (Khanty and Mansi).

For further information on the project, please, visit the project web site at or drop us a line by e-mail:

Yours &c.,

Viktoria Kurkina & Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen

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