Hankkeet | Projects

Imperialism in vernacular terms: Appraising the coloniality of folklore, tradition and heritage through and by the Nenets (2020-2025, Academy of Finland, PI Karina Lukin)

Plastic passions: The ethics and somaesthetics of self-enhancement in contemporary biohacking (2020-2023, Academy of Finland, PI Antti Lindfors)

The Muted Muses of Oral Culture. Ideology, transnationalism and silenced sources in the making of national heritages and literatures (2019–2023, Academy of Finland, PI Lotte Tarkka)

Transnational Memory Cultures of Ingrian Finns: A Comparative Perspective on the Dynamics of Personal and Cultural Remembrance (2020–2022, University of Helsinki, PI Ulla Savolainen)

Mythology, Verbal Art and Authority in Social Impact (2016–2021, Academy of Finland, PI Frog)

The Creation of Continuing Bonds by Karelian Immigrants and Their Descendants in Finland (2017–2020, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, PI Eila Stepanova)

Omistajuus, kieli ja kulttuuriperintö – Kansanrunousideologiat Suomen, Karjalan tasavallan ja Viron alueilla (2017–2019, Koneen Säätiö, PI Eila Stepanova)

Memory Unchained: Mapping Individual Creativity and Transnational Cultural Memory in Autobiographical Writings of Ingrians (2017–2020, Academy of Finland, PI Ulla Savolainen)

Kirjallisuutta ja kulttuuriperintöä yhteistyössä. Kielirepertoaarit ja -ideologiat nenetsien 1920- ja 30-lukujen kirjallisuudessa ja perinnejulkaisuissa (2016-2019, Koneen säätiö, PI Karina Lukin)

Living together with difficult memories and diverse identities (2015–2017, Academy of Finland, PI Kirsti Salmi-Niklander)

Fragmented visions. Performance, authority and interaction in early 20th-century Finnish oral-literary traditions (2014–2017, Academy of Finland, PI Kirsti Salmi-Niklander)

Oral Poetry, Mythic Knowledge, and Vernacular Imagination: Interfaces of Individual Expression and Collective Traditions in Pre-modern Northeast Europe (2012–2016, Academy of Finland, PI Lotte Tarkka)

Rhymed registers, oral composition and the aesthetics of improvisation. End rhyme and stanzaic form in the Finnish and European oral poetry (2013–2016, Academy of Finland, PI Venla Sykäri)

Cultural Meanings and Vernacular Genres (CMVG) (2011–2016, University of Helsinki, PI Lotte Tarkka)