People in the Forest Pathology Research Lab:

People from the Forest Pathology Research lab. at Viikki Campus in 2018.


Professors and post-doctoral researchers:

Professor Fred Asiegbu, head of the lab.

Docent Risto Kasanen, Senior Scientist

Docent Andriy Kovalchuk, Senior Scientist

Dr. Riikka Linnakoski, postdoc

Dr. Tommaso Raffaello, postdoc

Dr. Ren Fei


PhD students:

Mukrimin Mukrimin

Junko Sugano

Zilan Wen

Mengxia Liu

Ximena Silva Palacios

Jiayao Wu


Master’s student:

Umair Hafiz

Artin Zarsav


Visiting scientist:

Prof. Hui Sun: Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China






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