Doctoral Education

Doctoral education in research of geography and environmental education is led by professor Sirpa Tani. In addition to these fields, the doctoral education seminars comprise themes related to multiculturalism and diversity. The seminars provide means and support in general research related practices as well as address more specific questions brought forward by doctoral candidates. The seminars are open to all.

Recent defended theses from the research group:

Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori (2018). Ympäristö ylittää oppiainerajat: arvolatautuneisuus ja monialaisuus koulun ympäristöopetuksen haasteina (Environment crosses subject borders: value-ladenness and interdisciplinarity as challenges for environmental education at school). (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki).

Heli Ponto (2017). Young people’s everyday lives in the city: living and experiencing daily places. (Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki).

Markus Hilander (2017). Kuvatulkinta ja maantieteellinen tarkkaavaisuus: semioottinen ajattelutapa nuorten visuaalisen lukutaidon osana (The interpretation of photographs and geographical vigilance: a semiotic way of thinking as part of young people’s visual literacy skills).

Noora Pyyry (2015). Hanging out with young people, urban spaces and ideas – Openings to dwelling, participation and thinking.

Anna-Leena Riitaoja (2013). Toiseuksien rakentuminen koulussa – Tutkimus opetussuunnitelmista ja kahden helsinkiläisen alakoulun arjesta (Constructing Otherness in school: A study of curriculum texts and everyday life of two primary schools in Helsinki).

Lili-Ann Wolff (2011). Nature and sustainability: an educational study with Rousseau and Foucault. (Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi, Vaasa).

Maire Antikainen (2010). Matkalla suomalaiseksi ja hoiva-alan ammattilaiseksi? Venäläis- ja virolaistaustaisten naisten ja suomalaisuuden kohtaamiset kuulumista rakentamassa (On a journey to Finnishness, and care sector professionals? Encounters between women of Russian and Estonian background and Finnish society – constructing their sense of belonging as citizens).

Margarita Gerouki (2010). Exploring primary school sex education in Greece – policies and praxis.

Sanna Koskinen (2010). Lapset ja nuoret ympäristökansalaisina – Ympäristökasvatuksen näkökulma osallistumiseen (Children and young people as environmental citizens). (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki).