GeoCapabilities: Teachers as Curriculum Leaders (2013–2016)
Principal investigator: professor Sirpa Tani (sirpa.tani [at]

GeoCapabilities sheds light to how geography as a school subject enhances ‘human capabilities’. The project embraces diversity in how geography is understood and expressed in national school standards and in teacher training in Finland, Belgium, England, Greece and the USA. Professor David Lambert (Institute of Education, University College London) acts as the programme coordinator. GeoCapabilities is an EU (Lifelong Learning) funded programme.
GeoCapabilities homepage

Interaction in teacher’s work (2008– )
Principal investigator: Adjunct professor, PhD, MSc Hannele Cantell (hannele.cantell [at]

In this project teachers are discussed as professionals in pedagogical and professional interaction. Teachers face, as part of their work, students, colleagues, other members of the school community as well as parents. Teachers’ own perceptions of these encounters are collected to form extensive data of collegially shared experiences. Three publications have appeared in 2010-2011. The project entails research, publishing and education/training events.
Ratkaiseva vuorovaikutus (publication in Finnish)
Vaikeat vanhemmat, kurjat kollegat (publication in Finnish)