The Research Group for Geography and Environmental Education has two main tasks: the research concerning geography education and environmental education.

Studies of Geography education build bridges between academic discipline of geography and geography taught at schools. It applies new perspectives in geography to teaching at schools and, on the other hand, brings the living environment of children and young people into the sphere of geographical research.

Our geography-related research themes include:

  • The relationship between geography as an academic discipline and geography taught at schools
  • The living environment of children and young people
  • The implementation of geography education at schools
  • Values and diversity in education
  • The learning environments outside schools

Environmental education plays a key role in aiming for a sustainable way of life. Environmental education takes into account the various dimensions of the environment, such as the ecological, social, cultural, economic, aesthetic and ethical environments.

Our research themes related to environmental education include:

  • Participatory environmental education and active citizenship
  • The social and cultural dimensions of the environment
  • Environmental education in urban environments
  • Connections between environmental and multicultural education

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