Seminar on Hate Speech 8.12.2014

Metsätalo (Unioninkatu 40), sali 4

Vihapuheseminaari / Seminar on Hate Speech

Ohjelma / Programme

8:45‒9:00 Opening

9:00‒10:00 Claudine Moïse (Université Stendhal – Grenoble 3): Violence verbale et actes de condamnation / Verbal abuse, speech acts and condemnation of others

10:00‒10:15 Sabine Kraenker (University of Helsinki): La violence cachée dans “Merci pour ce moment” de Valérie Trierweiler

10:15‒10:30 Juhani Härmä Elina Suomela-Härmä (University of Helsinki):  A medieval literary figure defined by his verbal violence: Keu the seneschal

10:30‒10:45 Conversation

10:45‒11:15 Coffee break

11:15‒11:30 Elina Vitikka (University of Helsinki): Hate speech or not?(abstract in pdf)

11:30‒11:45 Simo Määttä (University of Helsinki): Hate speech as a contested concept
(abstract in pdf)

11:45‒12:00 Conversation

12:00‒13:30 Lunch break

13:30‒14:30 Maijastina Kahlos (University of Helsinki): Beasts and Barbarians – How to Insult in the Ancient Roman World

14:30‒14:45 Marja Vuorinen (University of Helsinki): Hate speech in the service of progress? Case 19th-century Finland

14:45‒15:00 Anna Rajavuori (University of Helsinki): Historical perspective to hate speech? Socialist agitation in early 20th century (abstract in pdf)

15:00‒15:15 Conversation

15:15‒15:45 Coffee break

15:45‒16:00 Matilda Hellman (University of Helsinki): #Viski – The autonomous man against the nanny state in the age of online outrage

16:00‒16:15 Mikko Salmela (University of Helsinki): Emotional roots of right-wing political populism

16:15‒16:30 Outi Pohjanheimo (University of Helsinki): Disgust, hatespeech and religions

16:30‒16:50 Conversation

16:50‒17:00 Closing words