The 16th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law Fragmentation and Constitutionalization in International Law 18-28 August 2003

International lawyers have long observed that international law is becoming more and more fragmented into emerging sub-regimes: human rights law, international environmental law, international trade law, et cetera. The topic has recently been placed on the agenda of the International Commission. At the same time, within those sub-regimes, increasingly some form of constitutionalization of sub-regime is advocated: current debates within the EU and the WTO testify to a perceived need that the sub-regime lock itself firmly into place and, thus, potentially isolate itsfelf from general international law. The 16th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law aims to take stock of these developments and to provide a platform for discussion.

Professor Philip Allott (Trinity College – University of Cambridge)
Professor Armin von Bogdandy (Max Planck Institute – Heidelberg)
Professor Deborah Z. Cass (London School of Economics)
Professor Matthew Craven (University of London – SOAS)
Professor Jan Klabbers (University of Helsinki)
Professor Kerry Rittich (University of Toronto)
Judge Allan Rosas (European Court of Justice)