The 18th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law, Summer Seminar on Global Governance – The Rule of Law and Beyond 15-26.8.2005

The Millennium was a grand moment for international lawyers: schemes for an international legal order were drafted everywhere and the establishment of the International Criminal Court was celebrated as bringing an end to the “culture of impunity”. After the party, the excitement has waned and the utopia disappeared; the ICC has not caused a revolution and things appear more or less to proceed as before. As a consequence of these sobering realizations, notions of global governance have disappeared from keynote speeches, hiding in moments of embarrassed introspection.

Or did they? Although the momentum behind these aspirations may have waned, has the overall scheme of an international world organized by a global social contract been abandoned? What has been learned over these past few years? Is global governance still perceived as possible, or even desirable? Is international law still the preferred medium or has some other means been adopted? What happens to global governance – beyond the rule of law?


Professor Heikki Patomäki ( University of Helsinki)
Professor Annelise Riles ( Cornell University)
Dr Alain Pottage ( London School of Economics)
Professor Panu Minkkinen ( University of Leicester)
Professor Ratna Kapur (Centre for Feminist Research, New Delhi)
Professor Anthony Carty ( University of Westminster)