The 25th Helsinki Summer Seminar in International Law on International Law and Capitalism: Exploring the Legal Architecture of the Global Political Economy 21-31 August 2012

The 25th Helsinki Summer Seminar in International Law is an intensive 11 day seminar directed towards junior scholars – post-doctoral, doctoral and advanced masters students alike – with a keen interest in either the political economic side of international law or the international legal aspect of the global political economy.

The aim of seminar is to push critical international inquiry into the realm of explanatory theory, with a view to fostering and developing the contemporary academic debate concerning the analysis of the juridic-economic structure of the contemporary state of international affairs.

To establish its aim the Seminar will revolve around its central theme International Law and Capitalism by way of three distinct lines of inquiry:
1. Why Study International Law Differently
2. Theories of Capitalism
3. Sites of Capitalist Governance;
a. The State
b. International Economic Law
c. The Political Economy of Reconstruction and Development

Dr. Akbar Rasulov
Professor Günter Frankenberg
Judge Dennis Davis
Professor Anne Orford