Me, An Entrepreneur?

Many students wonder what will happen after graduation, what are they qualified for? Some may have plans of becoming researchers, teachers or experts of some sort and some may even start preparing themselves for joblessness. But have you ever given a thought to becoming an entrepreneur? Why / Why not?

Before you say that starting up your business it is too risky, too costly or against your moral standards, think again. In the University of Helsinki students are taught to challenge the way things are and it doesn’t take long until you can spot a flaw in your own surroundings. There is a lot of unleashed capacity inside a lecture room and in many cases it would not take much initial capital (if at all) to put that knowledge into practice. Wouldn’t it be beyond awesome to be able to use your own knowledge, skills and strengths, to follow your own passion, and make the world a better place at the same time? How about making this dream a reality?

Many student entrepreneurs who started up from the University’s Tieteestä Toimintaa –community last year tell that they could no longer consider working for anyone else than themselves. In the beginning they were just ordinary people, like you and me, but the more experiences – successes and failures – they have gained the more confident they have become. They have realized how much POTENTIAL lives within themselves and they are no longer afraid to show it to the world.

If you feel curious, skeptical or anything in between come to Helsinki Think Company (Vuorikatu 5) on Friday 17th May at 4 pm and hear what student entrepreneurs have to share about their experiences. After all the worst thing that can happen is that you will uncover some of your inner potential!

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