Impact Hour – Networking & Inspiration

Impact Hour, which was held at Helsinki Think Company today, brouhgt together Demos Helsinki, Peloton Club, Aalto University and Tieteestä Toimintaa -communities. During the event the participants got a chance to network, brainstorm and compare their future views on possible collaboration in the field of promoting entrepreneurship and what could be done next. We also heard interesting Oskari Räisänenpresentations from upcoming companies.

Oskari Räisänen, co-founder of Greenriders  was telling how Greenriders will make private cars to be a part of public transportation.






Yleisöä - impact hour

Every participant got few minutes to introduce themselves and tell briefly about their background. (Actually, that is called pitching. What a great and ice-breaking idea to use in informal occasions as well.)




The Food - impact hourNot forgetting the food. At least at Think Company you never need to stay hungry.





Maria Outi Minna Impact HourMaria Ritola and Outi Kuittinen from Demos Helsinki and Minna Halme from Aalto University. “It was so encouraging to hear how small things are already big somewhere else. It really makes sense to start new impacts” Outi Kuittinen says after Sari Stenfors inspiring Skype session.



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