Federation of Finnish Enterprises Now Offers Student Membership


Newly founded enterprises are led by much younger people nowadays than a few decades ago. This is a consequence of bigger change in western labour markets and working environment: graduation is not anymore awarded with a full-time vacancy or a long, steady career leading to sweet retirement.

Forced by unemployment – or taking their own chance – more and more young people have become entrepreneurs. Many of them got the idea of starting business in school, or already have founded their own enterprise between break of classes.

This new situation shouldn’t be seen as a threat, but a huge opportunity. Entrepreneurship is a way to follow your own dreams and ambitions – be free and creative.

As a new service, Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) now offers student membership. To become a student member, you have to be full-time student and be interested in entrepreneurship. Having a company up and running is not compulsory.

Building a network is essential for creating a successful business, and by joining federation one can get help and meet other young entrepreneurially minded people. Federation of Finnish Enterprises wants student activities, like networking and mentoring meetings, to be free and as open as possible.

If any of your daydreams during lectures have included becoming an entrepreneur, but different federations sound a bit scary at the moment, it’s easy to start by visiting in Helsinki Think Company’s cosy space at Vuorikatu 5.

At the moment you can find additional information about Student Membership only in Finnish.

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