This Bootcamp is made for You

“I thought a business idea has to be a product, like a chair. On the bootcamp I realized you don’t have to go to a business school to start a business.”
– Academic Action Bootcamper 2012

TieteestatoimintaaSohonkatollarajattu25th of March a bunch of students from the University of Helsinki boards on a ferry and crosses the sea to explore academic entrepreneurship. You should be one of the bunch. Academic Action Bootcamp is both a coaching programme for budding business ideas and an opportunity to get to know other students interested in changing the world and to connect with other builders of new kind of entrepreneurship culture in Europe. You will take part in shaping the trip programme yourself.


The previous Bootcamp in autumn 2012 had participants from different faculties and majors. It resulted in 7 entrepreneur teams: Avanto, DIY Helsinki Showroom, Huhu, Itäkomppania, Kaskas Media, Torstai and Yhteismaa.  In addition to developed business concepts, the boot generated a lot discoveries. Read how a sociologist discovered the link between anarchy and entrepreneurship.

Apply by telling why you want to join in and describing your budding idea with a few sentences. Your idea can be just a vague start or something you’ve been working on for a while. Read more about the bootcamp and apply by 17 February by filling in the application. 

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