Entrepreneurship can be Anarchy

It was three weeks ago when my friend Maria called me and suggested that I should apply for Tieteestä toimintaa trip to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I had pretty much no idea what the trip was all about. I hesitated for an hour or so and then decided to go. I’m really glad I did beacause the trip gave me a good reminder about the importance of anarchy in life.


Entrepreneurship has been on my mind for years. I found a Facebook update from 2008 where I had written that I have a business idea and I’m going to hire all my student friends. I have no idea what the idea was, but I remember being excited. To me entrepreneurship is a chance of doing something great and something different. Great things for yourself and for others.


I will be a sociologist in the near future and I feel passionate about social research and sociological theories. I don’t want to be a researcher in the academia, but I most definetly want to keep working on sociology. Someone told me once that sociology is the punk music of social sciences. I couldn’t agree more. It has great potential for finding anarchist solutions for everyday life. Starting up a business can also be anarchist. It’s all about finding your own way of doing things. What a great combo.


So before the trip i had a vague idea about making a business out of innovative sociological research. During the trip I realized that I have to find an anarchist niche to start with. Something new and something great. That shouldn’t be too hard because I have all the magical (I’m serious!) tools from my academic background in sociology. The trip gave me exactly what I needed: inspiration for using my own inspiration. That is my kind of anarchy.

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