Listen to others – decide on your own

Tieteestä toimintaa –trip blew my mind in many ways. I loved the inspiring atmosphere of Kennisland office in Amsterdam and the great Future Navigators -workshop by Liselotte Lyngsø in Copenhagen – just to mention few highlights along the way.

Here are my three key insights from the trip.

1. Listen louder

I realized that the key for successful entrepreneurship is openness. Ask questions, talk about your idea widely and especially listen to people´s advice and needs carefully.

2. There are no right answers

Listening is essential, but I also understood that my partners and I have to make the final decisions on our own. There are only opinions but not right answers to many questions. Realizing that feels first scary, but after a while it starts to feel actually empowering…

3. Work hard and be nice to people

Setting up a business is hard work. I had only 45 minutes spare time in Copenhagen during the week. Within those precious minutes I ran into the Urban Outfitters -store and found a funny little aphorism book. My absolutely favourite was: ”Work hard and be nice to people”. I think that is a great motto for new (and also an older) entrepreneur.









Maria Ruuska

Maria Ruuska and two of her journalist collegues are interested in using the tools of feature journalism in research and reporting context. They want to run a business offering traditional feature articles, little ethnographic studies, reporting and consulting. The center of everything is catchy and elegant writing.

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