Getting to know the research

Research projects supported by donations can be explored through the following links.

The Future Fund of the University of Helsinki was established in 2010 to support the University’s status as one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities in the world. In 2013, the Future Fund donated research funding to the Faculty of Arts for projects related to research on culture, as well as those promoting cooperation between researchers. The first three research projects presented here have received part of their funding from the Future Fund. The donor list of the Future Fund is available here.

Creative Indigenous Actors: Integration of Indigenous Studies at the University of Helsinki

Indigenous Musics and Well-Being

Respeaking – Interpreting for Subtitles


The McDonnell Douglas Aerospace fund is one of the private donation funds operating at the University of Helsinki, and its purpose is to support research on the culture and society of the United States in Finland. With the help of a donation made by the fund in 1996, a permanent McDonnell Douglas professorship in American studies was established at the Renvall Institute.

McDonnell Douglas professorship in American Studies

Other teaching and research supported by donations