Further teaching and research supported by donations

The professorship in research on digital resources studies the utilisation of text material in research in the humanities and social sciences.

HALS (Helsinki Area and Language Studies) will serve as a support structure at the University of Helsinki for language studies that take into account linguistic diversity, language contact and historical linguistics and that are thoroughly grounded in the cultural context of the speaker communities (linguistic ethnographies, language descriptions, as well as documentation projects).

Marcus Hjulhammar, assistant professor in Baltic maritime archaeology, combines maritime history and archaeology in his work.

Performance in the Triangle of Culture, Power and Belief is a collaboration project with the central purpose of bringing together researchers and postgraduate students from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki to discuss the concept of performance and cultural phenomena regarded as performances.

Finland’s first professorship in non-fiction literature and writing (in Finnish only) was established at the Faculty of Arts with donated funds. Pirjo Hiidenmaa (in Finnish only) was appointed as the professor.

In August 2013, Niklas Jensen-Eriksen began his work in the new professorship in business history (in Finnish only).