Good and practical research

Teaching at the Faculty of Arts is based on scientific research. Every year, hundreds of graduates with Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees spread their acquired knowledge to different sectors of society by acting as experts, decision-makers, teachers, developers and researchers. People with a solid education in the humanities are needed both in Finland and in various international duties.

Research conducted at the Faculty enjoys international recognition. We are in the top one percentile of all faculties of arts in the world. The SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) group of experts consisting of international top researchers visits Helsinki annually and offers new perspectives on Finnish research in the humanities from different parts of the world, and at the same time provides valuable feedback concerning the visibility of our research outside Finland’s borders.

These pages offer a glimpse of our research, which is valuable not just in our eyes. This website contains a collection of scientists and research projects that have been partly implemented with donations received by the Faculty. We are deeply grateful for the trust bestowed upon us by the donors and strive to earn this trust. These pages present the content and conductors of research, as well as the significance of research in the humanities in modern society.

Humanists are building a sustainable future. We want to do this together with you in an interactive way.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki, Arto Mustajoki