Melammu Symposia 7

The Assyrian and Babylonian Intellectual Heritage Project (Melammu) investigates the continuity, transformation and diffusion of Mesopotamian culture throughout the ancient world from the second millennium BC until Islamic times. It is the perfect partner for the IHANE project. The symposia have in the past been important forums and now, after a pause of five years, professor Robert Rollinger and Dr Erik van Dongen (see an earlier post regarding them) have undertaken to organize the 7th symposia in Austria. “Mesopotamia in the ancient world: Impact Continuity, Parallels” will take place in Obergurgl, Tyrol, November 4-8th 2013.

The web pages of the conference have been opened here, and more information regarding the Melammu project you can find here.

Welcome to Helsinki-Tartu Workshop in Intercultural Studies

We are eagerly awaiting visitors from Padua and Tartu for our workshop in Helsinki (March 12-13). The presentations are open to public and everyone interested is very welcome to attend. The presentations will discuss many interesting topics relating to ancient Mediterranean. See below for exact time and place.

Tuesday 12 March (Unioninkatu 40 sali 13)

10.15-11.00      Opening lecture: Giovanni B. Lanfranchi (Padua): The Weapons Sent by Assur to the Assyrian King
11.00-11.45      Thomas Kämmerer (Tartu): Zur Königsideologie des Weltschöpfungsepos Enuma Elish

Lunch Break

13.15-14.00      Mait Köiv (Tartu): The Image of Archaick Greek Tyrants
14.00-14.45      Robert Rollinger (Helsinki): Assyria and the Fringes of the Empire – the Far West: The Aegean world
14.45-15.00      Vladimir Sazonov (Tartu): Royal Ideology of Esarhaddon: Royal Titles and Epithets

Wednesday 13 March (Unioninkatu 40 sali 27)

10.15-11.00      Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila (Helsinki): Assyro-arabica: On the Transmission of Mesopotamian Material to the Arabs
11.00-11.45      Saana Svärd (Helsinki): Women, Agency and Text in Mesopotamia

After lunch Break in Unioninkatu 40 sali 32

13.15-14.00      Peeter Espak (Tartu): The Position of Eridu in Sumerian Royal Ideology
14.00-14.45      Sergej Stadnikov (Tartu): Der Allher in der ‘Lehre des Amenemhat I
14.45-15.30      Raija Mattila (Helsinki): The Nabû Temple Archive in Calah