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Industrial Pharmacy virtual coffee meetings 2021
Tuesday 2nd February
Tuesday 2nd March
Thursday 8th April
Tuesday 11th May
@ 2 pm in Zoom

Meeting ID: 697 3741 2421; Passcode: 814190

Also, there is possibility to book a short personal meeting the same day after coffee.



Academic year 2020/2021

Orientation day for new ERKO students is arranged on Thursday 3.9.2020 (option for personal discussions on Friday 4.9.2020). The orientation day takes place remotely via Zoom.

Mandatory studies

590707 ERKO Quality management and GxP, 10 cr. Course can be taken non-stop in Moodle) UH, Industrial Pharmacy (To be lectured in Academic year 2022/2023).

590704 ERKO Operations in pharmaceutical industry and distribution, 3 cr. Course can be taken non-stop in Moodle (To be lectured in Spring semester year 2022).

Optional studies

590712 ERKO Pharmaceutical development, Part 1, 5 cr (Course is lectured starting  from 9.9.2020->) UH, Industrial Pharmacy

PROV-207 Eläinlääkkeiden kehityksen ja käytön erityispiirteet, 5 op (Spring semester)

Always check course days from WebOodi (changes are possible). Course programme is given at the beginning of the course.

Teollisuusfarmasian erikoistumiskoulutuksen seminaarit / Seminars in Specialisation Studies in Industrial Pharmacy

PROV-909 Book examination in Industrial Pharmacy

There is wide range of material available via UH e-books, other material is also possible. In all cases, please remember to approve the examination material with responsible person Prof. Anne Juppo.

Tip!  e-Bookshelves available at University of Helsinki, e-books & e-journals

Previous courses


Academic year 2019/2020

Orientation day 5.-6.9.2019

Mandatory studies

Operational environment in Social and Health Care, 1 cr (6.9.2019->) UEF

Strategic management, 2 cr (4.11.2019->) UEF

590707 ERKO Quality management and GxP, 10 cr (22.11.2019->) UH, Industrial Pharmacy

Optional studies

590715 ERKO: Marketing authorization of medicinal products and pharmacovigilance, 5 cr (13.3.2020->) UH, Industrial Pharmacy

590716 ERKO: Asiantuntijajohtaminen (24.3.2020->) (in Finnish) UH, Industrial Pharmacy

590713 ERKO: Clinical supply chain and clinical drug research 5 cr (19.3.2020->) UH, Industrial Pharmacy

590702 ERKO Research and evaluation methods, 1-4 cr (24.1.2020->) University of Helsinki, Spesialisation Education in Retail and Hospital Pharmacy


Academic year 2018-2019

Pharmaceutical Development Part II, 5 ects, Autumn semester (Teaching period 1, starting 7.9.2018. Preliminary course days are 7.9 and 8.9; 21.9 and 22.9; 5.10 and 6.10; 12.10 and 13.10)

Pharmaceutical industry and wholesale operations, 3 op, Spring semester (Teaching period 3, starting 18.1.2019), timetable see course code PROV-905 in WebOodi (ERKO days are Fri&Sat)

Pharmaceutical business and marketing, 5 cr, Spring semester (Teaching period 4, starting 14.3.2019), timetable see course code PROV-906 in WebOodi (ERKO course days Fri&Sat)


Kevätlukukausi 2018 – Spring Semester 2018

PROV-207 Eläinlääkkeiden kehityksen ja käytön erityispiirteet, 5 op (kevätlukukausi, periodi 3, kts. WebOodi)

PROV-903 Asiantuntijajohtaminen, 5 op (kevätlukukausi, periodi 4, kts WebOodi), erikoistumiskoulutettavat ennen vuotta 2016 aloittaneet sekä ERKO 2016 ryhmä (ERKO 2017 ryhmälle osallistuminen 2020). Huom. Asiantuntijajohtamisen kurssia ei streamata/luentoja ei talleteta.

1.8.2017 ERKO 2016 & 2017

Syyslukukausi 2018 – Autumn Semester 2018

590712A  Pharmaceutical development, ERKO Students

Part I (5 ects) will be lectured on Autumn Semester 2017, course days are

  • Sat 9th September for ERKO students (course day from 10 to 15 o’clock)
  • Fri & Sat 22nd & 23rd September
  • Fri 6th October (Sat 7th October as a reserve day)
  • Fri & Sat 13th & 14th October
  • Fri 27th October & Sat 28th October

1.8.2017  ERKO 2016 & 2017

Studies on Leadership and Operations in Health Care for ERKO students (organiser University of Eastern Finland, UEF)

Social and health care sector as working environment (1 ECTS), timing 8.9 – 31.10.2017, to be taken in e-environment. For Moodle registration and information, please contact UEF.

Strategic Management (2 ECTS), timing 10.11.2017 – 15.3.2018, course days/e-environment. For Moodle registration and information, please contact UEF.

Contact person in these courses is Johanna Räikkönen, UEF (johanna.raikkonen[at]