Specialisation Education

Specialisation Education in Industrial Pharmacy

Specialisation education in Industrial Pharmacy is a novel postgraduate education programme for professional pharmacists (B.Sc. and M.Sc.), working in pharmaceutical industry or related functions.
The education aims for students to acquire specialised theoretical and practical knowledge of industrial pharmacy. Students will gain novel skills to better cope with current work assignments and support future career development – the studies are tailored individually based on your interests and future career plans.
Modern teaching methods support studying while working and all the national and international guest lecturers have substantial experience in the field of industrial pharmacy. The assignments are designed to benefit the working life.


Contents of the Specialisation Education Programme in Industrial Pharmacy and Application Criteria

The extent of the studies is 60 ECTS for M.Sc. and 40 ECTS for B.Sc (corresponding approximately 3-4 years of studies while working full-time). Contact teaching is planned to be given once a month (Friday-Saturday). E-learning and streaming technologies are used whenever possible during the courses.


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