Theoretical Foundations for Interdisciplinarity

November 30 – December 1

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Location: HCAS Common Room, Fabianinkatu 24 A, 3rd floor 


Staying within our disciplinary silos may result in redundancies in research and ignorance about the topics that we are committed to understanding. But forging fruitful interdisciplinary connections can be challenging. In this workshop we address foundational questions about the challenges and promise of interdisciplinary work. How do differences among the kinds of explanation we seek and among the diverse epistemic ends we may have facilitate or stand in the way of interdisciplinarity? How does language variation and change, on one hand, and a dynamic interaction between language and cognition, on the other, contribute to disciplinary convergence and divergence? How does the emergence, use, and circulation of concepts within and across historical contexts affect our ability to work together in internally diverse intellectual communities?  Bringing together scholars from the Collegium, the University of Helsinki, and around the world, we consider these and other foundational questions about how to fulfil the promise of interdisciplinary work.