30 November  

9:00 Welcome

9:10  Lauren Ross (University of California, Irvine)
The Nature of Explanation: An Interdisciplinary Perspective 

10:10 Stephen Grimm (Fordham University, NY)
The Epistemic Goals of the Humanities 

11:10 Coffee

11:30 Caterina Marchionni (University of Helsinki)
A Cubist View of Inter-Field Integration: Mechanisms, Explanation and Classification in Psychiatry

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 Bodo Winter (University of Birmingham)
Interdisciplinarity, the Replication Crisis, and Statistical Rituals

14:30 Elke Teich (Saarland University)
Language Use in Science: Convergence, Diversity, Dynamicity

15.30 Coffee

16.00 Mikko Tolonen (University of Helsinki)
Interdisciplinarity in Computational Humanities

1 December

9.00 Alison McQueen (Stanford University)
Text-as-Data in the History of Political Thought 

10.00 Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki)
Natural Law and the Contest of the Faculties: Remarks on the Genealogies of Legal Modernity

11:00 Coffee

11.30 Samuli Reijula (University of Helsinki)
The Division of Cognitive Labor and the Structure of Interdisciplinary Problems 

12:30 Lunch Break

13.30 Miia Halme-Tuomisaari (Lund University)
Where/What is Knowledge? Interdisciplinarity within Human Rights Research and Beyond

14.30 Adrian Blau (King´s College London)
The Uncomfortable Interdisciplinarity of Intellectual History 

15:30 Coffee

16.00 Discussion

17.00 Closing Reception