KVOTY Kansainvälisen oikeustieteiden yhdistyksen Suomen osasto r.y.

KVOTY is the National Committee of International Academy of Comparative Law / Académie internationale de droit comparé, IACL, and the National Committee of International Association of Legal Science / Association Internationale des Sciences Juridiques, IALS.

The IACL organizes international congresses. The previous general congress was held in Fukuoka in July 2018.  For further information, see the IACL webpage.

Members of the KVOTY are writing national reports for the congresses. General reports and national reports are published by Springer in the series Ius Comparatum – Global Studies in Comparative Law. For further information, see publications at the IACL webpage and the Springer’s webpage.

KVOTY organizes meetings and seminars on comparative law. For further information, see “EVENTS”.


If you would like to become a member of the KVOTY, see “CONTACT US“.