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That’s it, we’re back at home in Finland. The trip home went smoothly and without any hiccups (except for the still-lingering jet lag since it’s only 4 days that we’ve been back). Home was where we had left it and in pretty much the same condition in which we had left it (my parents had been looking after it). Right now we’re busy unpacking and re-arranging things at home and trying to get settled back in.

The morning of our arrival was funny since it was raining (which has not been so common this summer, it seems). The last time we experienced rain was in early March in Berkeley and to be honest, I had sort of been missing rain. I’m certain that in October and November I shall regret saying that, but for now, a little rain was actually very enjoyable. (Therein lies the crux of the matter: the rain in October and November won’t let itself be classified under “a little rain”…)

I already set up our grill again and have been cooking outside again. Which was very nice. The first thing I cooked was hotdogs and hamburgers, today will be chicken. I have a couple of months of summer BBQ season to catch up…

I will post longer and more detailed retrospective look on our year and my observations later, but first, I will enjoy our home (and get back to working in the usual office…)

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