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University Researcher, PhD (Sociology)

Consumer Society Research Centre
Department of Political and Economic Studies
Unioninkatu 40, (P.O. Box 24)
00014 University of Helsinki
+358 50 574 4869

My interest areas are sociology of health and illness, food sociology, Foucault and governmentality-studies, science and technology studies and historical approaches.

My research focuses on the ways knowledge is deployed in the government of individuals, groups of people and societies, mainly in the fields of health and illness and food and eating. I utilize both contemporary and historical approaches and materials.

Topics of my previous research include tuberculosis and the emergence of modern public health, insurance technology especially in relation to the notion of risk, and cardiovascular disease and the rise of the lifestyle risk in medicine and public health.

My current research takes place in the context of two projects:

In the Academy of Finland-funded project Politics and Practices of Sustainable Eating (POPRASUS) I explore emerging alternative ways of organizing the production, distribution and consumption of food.

The project Smarter Social Media Analytics, funded by Tekes: Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, develops novel ways of analysing social media data and combining it with other types of data, with an empirical focus on food and eating.

For my publications, see Selected publications or Helsinki University TUHAT-portal