I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, interested in environmental questions and societal knowledge-making practices. My research draws on science and technology studies and environmental policy. I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation on energy policy debates in Finland at the University of Helsinki.

My doctoral dissertation examines the relationships between change and stability in energy policy and the ways in which energy transitions are debated and negotiated in Finland. My research spans energy policy debates in parliament, local government, civil society, media and academia in Finland. The individual cases look at the expectations of national and local energy governance and the multiple ways different actors attempt to influence energy policy. In addition, I have examined how the German energy transition is debated in European countries proceeding with nuclear new-build (the UK, Finland and Hungary).

I began my dissertation in 2015 as part of the Academy of Finland funded DEFEND project (Decentralizing Finland’s energy regime: the triggers and dynamics of transition, 2014-2018). To complete my dissertation, I received a one-year grant from DENVI (Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences) in 2019.

I was a visiting Fulbright Fellow at the Science, Technology and Society Fellows Program at Harvard University during the academic year 2017-2018, where my research stay was made possible by the ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program awarded by Fulbright Finland.

In my teaching, I have been interested in bringing science and technology studies concepts to environmental policy. I have been contributing to teaching environmental policy at the Bachelor and Masters levels at the University of Helsinki in the following courses: Introduction to Environmental Policy (course assistant); Kommunikation och hållbar utveckling (Communication and sustainable development – visiting lecturer and course assistant); Imagination in Environmental Politics (visiting lecturer); Qualitative methods for environmental studies (visiting lecturer). In 2020, I will be teaching a newly developed course called “The politics of environmental knowledge”, which examines how knowledge about current and historical environmental phenomena is produced at local, national and global levels.

I enjoy taking part in academic debates beyond academia and developing collaboration with other researchers. I am a board member of the Society for Environmental Social Science (YHYS ry.) and editorial member at Versus – an online platform for popularizing research. I am part of the STS Helsinki research collective and have contributed to developing the STS Helsinki Seminar series. I have written about my research in different online platforms, including Nature blog posts and Versus science debate.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Master’s degree in Social and Public Policy from the University of Helsinki. Prior to beginning my PhD, I worked as a researcher at Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku, examining the intersections of climate change policy and development policy in the Mekong region and East Africa. My prior work focused particularly on the local development aspects of household energy technology projects in voluntary carbon markets.


2015 – Doctoral student, Environmental Policy Research Group, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki

2013 – 2015 Master’s of Social Science in Social and Public Policy at the University of Helsinki

2008 – 2011 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science

Interests: energy policy and transitions; expertise, publics and knowledge in environmental policy; framing and discourse; expectations and imaginaries; science and technology studies; carbon markets and development