Current work

I started my PhD project titled ‘Debating change and stability in energy policy and transitions in Finland’ in September 2015. The PhD is part of the Academy of Finland funded project Decentralizing Finland’s energy regime: the triggers and dynamics of transition (DEFEND, 2015-2018) led by Professor Janne Hukkinen from the University of Helsinki and Professors Peter Lund and Mika Järvinen from Aalto University.

I was a visiting Fulbright Fellow at the Science, Technology and Society Fellows Program at Harvard University during the academic year 2017-2018. My research stay was made possible by the ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program awarded by Fulbright Finland.

In my PhD, I focus on how the relationships between change and stability in energy policy and energy transitions are debated and negotiated in different contexts in Finland. How do different actors frame energy policy in Finland? How does this influence the practices and politics of energy? The analysis spans energy policy debates in parliament, local government, civil society, media and academia. This thesis contributes to recent research in the fields of science and technology studies (STS), sustainability transitions and environmental policy.

The supervisors of my PhD are Professor Janne Hukkinen and Dr. Nina Janasik-Honkela from the Department of Social Research, and Professor Eva Heiskanen from the Consumer Society Research Centre.

I contribute to a blog formed by a group of fellow science and technology studies scholars from the University of Helsinki.

Previous work

Prior to starting work on my PhD, I worked for four years (2011-2015) as a researcher at  Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku. I worked as part of the Sustainable Development Futures team (formerly Mekong Research team). My work examined the intersections of climate change policy and development policy in the Mekong region and East Africa. I focused particularly on the local development aspects of household energy technology projects. The results from this work can be found on the publications page.


2015 – Doctoral student, Environmental Policy Research Group, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki

2013 – 2015 Master’s of Social Science in Social and Public Policy at the University of Helsinki

2008 – 2011 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science

Interests: energy policy and transitions; expertise, publics and knowledge in environmental policy; framing and discourse; expectations and imaginaries; science and technology studies; carbon markets and development