Research group


The Environmental Policy Research Group (EPRG) led by Janne I. Hukkinen since 2008 consists of 2-4 post-doctoral researchers and 4-6 doctoral researchers. EPRG research assesses the socio-cognitive aspects of environmental policies and sustainable technologies. Several large research projects with funding from the EU, Academy of Finland, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and a number of Finnish foundations have built up the group’s competence in environmental risk governance, knowledge integration and participation, environmental affordances, and sustainability indicators and scenarios.

The professorship in environmental policy is a joint position with three faculties, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The networked institutional position gives EPRG a unique opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary sustainability studies at the intersection of social and natural sciences. The group interacts actively with the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) at the University of Helsinki. EPRG is also affiliated with two doctoral programs of the University of Helsinki, the Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Sciences (DENVI) and the Doctoral Program in Social Research (theme Knowledge, Technology and Environment).

Current members of EPRG include:

Docent, Urban studies and environmental policy, University of Helsinki, since 2011
Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1998-2002
Post-doctoral researcher, University of California, Berkeley, 1996-1998
– PhD (social anthropology), University of Cambridge, 1995
– MSc (spatial planning), University College, London, 2007
Research interests
– urban environmental activism
– environmental knowledge and expertise
– urban transformation and policy
– anthropology and the (built) environment
– Researcher, Royal Institute of British Architects, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, Women’s Design Service (London), 2006-8
– Helsinki in transformation – ongoing independent project

University lecturer, University of Helsinki, since 2011
– PhD (environmental strategies and technology assessment), Aalto School of Science and Technology and HIST (Helsinki Institute of Science and Technology), 2011
– MA (philosophy), University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts, 2000
Research interests
– Socio-cognitive studies of innovation
– Integration of environmental knowledge and expertise
– Socio-cognitive modeling of expertise in multiprofessional and multidisciplinary contexts
– Mixed methods research
– Innovative environmental regulation with expanded expertise: Integration of facts and values in expert deliberation over environmental monitoring in the Baltic Sea (RegEx), Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation, 2010-11

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki, since 2018
– PhD (Development Studies), University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, 2018
– MA (Sociology), University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, 2010
Research interests
– Governance of marine-environmental uncertainties
– Interfaces between social and natural scientists
– Environmental conflicts
– Fishers’ environmental knowledge
– Governance of offshore oil exploration and extraction
– Ethnographic methodology
– New forms of environmental governance: Managing the risks and vulnerabilities related to climate change in Southern cities, 2011-14

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki, since 2013
Post-doctoral research scholar, Princeton University, 2014-2015
Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation, 2015-2018
– PhD (sociology), University of Helsinki, 2013
– M.Soc.Sc., University of Helsinki, 2006
Research interests
– Energy and infrastructures
– Science and Technology Studies
– Risk and disaster
– Qualitative research methods
– Anticipating Interruptions: Security and Risk in a Liberalized Electricity Infrastructure, Jenny and Antti Wihuri’s Trust, 2013-2014
– Disaster and Techniques of Risk: Managing the Reliability of Finnish Electricity Supply, Finnish Graduate School for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, 2012
– Managing Insecurity: Risk and Technologies of Welfare, Academy of Finland, 2008-2011

University lecturer, University of Helsinki, since 2011
Post-doctoral researcher, The Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2014-2015
– PhD (environmental policy), University of Helsinki, 2011
– M.Soc.Sc., University of Helsinki, 2004
Research interests
– Network analysis
– Complexity theory
– Systems theory
– Policy and administration
– Environmental policy
– Risk governance of carbon dioxide capture and storage (RICCS), Academy of Finland, 2011-14
– Nanomaterials in REACH – evaluation of applicability of existing procedures for chemical safety assessment to nanomaterials (nanoREACH), Workpackage on Precautionary procedures for nanomaterial safety assessment, EC 6th Framework Programme SKEP ERA-NET project, 2010
– Urban Environmental Governance, Academy of Finland, 2005-2009

Doctoral candidate (environmental policy), University of Helsinki, since 2016
– MSc (international relations), University of Tampere, 2014
– BA (Russian language and culture), University of Tampere, 2010
Research interests
– energy policy: transition and security (Finland, Russia)
– science and technology studies
– assemblage geographies
– elites and decision-making processes
– urban mobility
– From Failand to Winland: future energy and food security in Finland, Academy of Finland, 2016-2019
– Energy and supply security: anticipating geopolitical and strategic transitions from a security policy perspective, Prime Minister’s Office, 2017-2018

Doctoral candidate (environmental policy), University of Helsinki, since 2015
– MSc (Environment & Development), London School of Economics and Political Science, 2014
– BA (Modern Languages & Contemporary European Studies), University of Southampton, 2013
Research interests
– Clean energy transitions
– Policy framing, agenda setting and environmental discourse
– Global climate change governance
– Climate risk, adaptation and the private sector
– Decentralising Finland’s energy regime: The triggers and dynamics of transition (DEFEND), Academy of Finland, 2015-2018

Doctoral candidate (environmental policy), University of Helsinki, since 2015
– MSc (social and public policy), University of Helsinki, 2015
– BSc (environmental policy), London School of Economics and Social Science, 2011
Research interests
– energy policy and transitions
– framing and discourse
– expertise, publics and knowledge in environmental policy
– carbon markets and development
-Decentralising Finland’s energy regime: The triggers and dynamics of transition (DEFEND), Academy of Finland, 2015-2018

Doctoral candidate (environmental policy), University of Helsinki, since 2017
– M.Soc.Sc. (Social and Public Policy, Environmental Policy), University of Helsinki, 2016
– B.Soc.Sc. (Social and Public Policy), University of Helsinki, 2014; University of Edinburgh (Sociology and Social Policy, 2011–2012), University of Melbourne (Philosophy of Science, 2014)
Research interests
– Socio-cognitive studies of sustainability
– Environmental behavior and socio–ecological systems
– Ecological and environmental psychology, embodied cognitive science
– Environmental philosophy
– Role of science and expertise in society, science–policy interfaces

Doctoral candidate (environmental change and policy), University of Helsinki, since 2016
Researcher, Finnish Environment Institute, since 2012
– MSc (Geography), University of Oulu, 2008
Research interests
– Sustainable household consumption
– Policies to enhance sustainable consumption
– Environmental footprints of consumption
– Theories of practice