Academy of Finland, Decision support to manage the long-term growth of environmentally induced multi-hazard risks in urban areas (LONGRISK), University of Helsinki (with Jussi T. Eronen, University of Helsinki, Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen, Tampere University, Jouni Pulliainen, Finnish Meteorological Institute), 2020-2023. EUR 1 700 000, USD 2 070 000.

Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland, Creative Adaptation to Wicked Socio-Environmental Disruptions (WISE), University of Helsinki (with Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen, University of Tampere; Peter Lund, Aalto University; Sakari Kuikka, University of Helsinki; Markku Wilenius, University of Turku; Paavo Järvensivu, BIOS Research Unit), 2018-2023. EUR 5 400 000, USD 6 480 000.


Academy of Finland Grant, Decentralizing Finland’s energy regime: The triggers and dynamics of transition (DEFEND), University of Helsinki (with Peter Lund and Mika Järvinen, Aalto University), 2015-18. EUR 414 000, USD 497 000.

Helsinki University Environment Centre (HENVI) Grant, Potential of continuous cover forestry for climate change mitigation, wood production and biodiversity protection (with Annikki Mäkelä et al., University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä and Finnish Meteorological Institute), 2015-17. EUR 85 000, USD 102 000.

Academy of Finland Grant, Risk governance of carbon dioxide capture and storage (RICCS), University of Helsinki (with Carl-Johan Fogelholm, Aalto University), 2011-14. EUR 450 000, USD 630 000.

Helsinki University Environment Centre (HENVI) Grant, Optimizing forest management and conservation to account for multiple interactions with the climate (with Eero Nikinmaa et al., University of Helsinki), 2011-14, EUR 120 000, USD 170 000.

Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation Grant, Innovative environmental regulation with expanded expertise: Integration of facts and values in expert deliberation over environmental monitoring in the Baltic Sea (RegEx), University of Helsinki (with Marja-Liisa Riekkola, University of Helsinki), 2010-13. EUR 155 125, USD 217 175.

European Commission 7th Framework Large Scale Integrating Collaborative Project, Nanopatterning, Production and Applications Based on Nanoimprinting Lithography (NaPANIL), workpackage on dissemination and exploitation: social-ecological analysis of nanopatterning and related applications, University of Helsinki (consortium of 20 European partners coordinated by VTT Finland), 2008-12. EUR 138 000, USD 207 000.

European Commission 6th Framework Programme SKEP ERA-NET Project (Scientific Knowledge for Environmental Protection), Nanomaterials in REACH – evaluation of applicability of existing procedures for chemical safety assessment to nanomaterials (nanoREACH), Workpackage on Precautionary procedures for nanomaterial safety assessment, University of Helsinki (with Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan KTH, Sweden; University of Birmingham, UK; University College Dublin, Ireland), 2010. EUR 106 000, USD 152 000.

The Academy of Finland Grant, Pro-Environmental Product Planning in a Dynamic Operational Environment Now and in Future—Methods and Tools (Prodoe), Helsinki University of Technology (with Kari Heiskanen), 2007-10. EUR 172 000, USD 225 000.

Nordregio/Nordic Council of Ministers Grant for research project Knowledge-Based Tools for Sustainable Governance of Energy and Climate Adaptation in the Nordic Periphery (K-Base), Helsinki University of Technology (with Nordregio, Roskilde University and Statistics Greenland), 2007-9. EUR 156 000, USD 226 000.

The Academy of Finland Contract for assessment project Academy of Finland and the Promotion of Integrative Research, Helsinki University of Technology (with Julie Thompson Klein, Wayne State University, USA; Henrik Bruun, Katri Huutoniemi, Helsinki University of Technology), 2004-5. EUR 51 000, USD 62 000.
Downloadable report: Promoting Interdisciplinary Research

European Commission Directorate General XII 5th Framework Programme Grant for research project The Challenges of Modernity for Reindeer Management: Integration and Sustainable Development in Europe’s Subarctic and Boreal Regions, Helsinki University of Technology, 2001-4. EUR 301 000, USD 362 000.
Downloadable reports here.