Academic year 2023-2024

-Time: Fridays 10-12 during 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods.

-Venue: Unioninkatu 40, Metsätalo, lecture room 7

Objective: After the seminar the students can express themselves in concise scientific writing, defend their research orally to colleagues, and critically discuss their colleagues’ research. They are sensitive to the research traditions of the multiple disciplines contributing to environmental policy and they appreciate the challenges of interdisciplinary environmental policy research. At the end of the course, master’s students have submitted the first draft of their master’s thesis; doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers have submitted for publication a scientific manuscript.

Target group: Master’s students in ECGS (Environmental change and global sustainability) program; doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in environmental policy. To ensure the effectiveness of the seminar, attendance is limited to max 15 participants.

Requirements: A single 1.5-hour seminar session has the following format. One session has 1-2 presentations. First the researcher presents a paper, such as a research plan or an article draft (10-20 min). This is followed by the opponent’s comments (5-10 min). A general discussion concludes the session (30-60 min). The presenting researchers send their paper by email to the other participants one week before the seminar session. Each participant has 1-2 seminar presentations during the seminar year.

Rules: Two seminar periods is worth 5 credits. To pass the course, the student attends every seminar session, presents a paper (1-2 times), acts as an opponent (1-2 times), and actively participates in the seminar discussion.

Grading: Pass-fail. Grading is based on seminar session participation (30 %), written and oral presentation (40 %), and engagement in collective seminar discussion (30 %).

Responsible teacher:  Janne I. Hukkinen.


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